Khalifa University

Emirates Lighting proudly supplied an array of light fittings for the prestigious Khalifa University project. Our contribution encompassed the provision of linear lights across multiple floors, including the 4th, 1st, and ground floors, as well as corridors, laboratories, and other essential areas.

Higher College Of Technology

Emirates Lighting has meticulously provided tailored light fittings for the Higher College of Technology project, with a strategic emphasis on illuminating crucial spaces that profoundly influence the ambiance. Notably, our contributions have encompassed key zones including the auditorium, dining area, cafeteria, lounge, classroom, administrative office, as well as restrooms, reception, and library, placing utmost importance on these areas within the project scope.

Amity School

Emirates Lighting has made a significant contribution by supplying essential light fittings to Amity School Abu Dhabi. Our emphasis has been thoughtfully placed on illuminating vital areas, encompassing facade lighting, classrooms, staircases, and car parking, thereby enhancing the overall functionality and ambiance of the school.

American Community School (Abu Dhabi)

Emirates Lighting takes great pride in having provided pivotal light fittings for the American Community School project in Abu Dhabi. Our emphasis was strategically placed on crucial areas, elevating the ambiance and functionality of the facility. Notably, we illuminated essential spaces such as classrooms, corridors, walkways, and the canteen. Additionally, our expertise extended to brightening administrative offices, landscape areas, and the façade. This project exemplifies our commitment to creating dynamic lighting solutions that enhance learning environments and contribute to the overall aesthetics of the institution.

Future School

Emirates Lighting proudly provided integral light fittings for the Future School project, strategically prioritizing key areas for optimal impact. Our commitment extended to illuminating crucial zones including classrooms, walkways, area lighting, and the facade. Furthermore, we enhanced the functionality and aesthetics of the landscape, car parking areas, and vital service spaces. This project showcases our dedication to creating illuminating solutions that significantly enhance the educational environment while maintaining a visually appealing landscape.

Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

Emirates Lighting takes pride in our role as manufacturers and suppliers of premium light fittings for the esteemed Sheikh Khalifa Medical City project. Our contributions encompass a comprehensive range of areas, including corridor lobbies, staircases, service rooms, offices, storage utilities, pantry kitchens, nurse stations, public toilets, lift shafts, meeting rooms, patient isolation rooms, and ante rooms, among others.

Corniche Hospital

Emirates Lighting proudly undertook the manufacturing and supply of essential light fittings for Corniche Hospital, focusing on critical areas that enhance the overall environment. Our contributions encompassed key sections, including NICU, CEO office, reception area, bed head lights, administrative offices, staff restaurant, and staff lavatory.

Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City

Emirates Lighting is honoured to have undertaken the manufacturing and supply of premium light fittings for the distinguished Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City project. Our focus was strategically directed towards vital areas, placing utmost importance on the VIP clinic, urgent care clinic, and consultation room.

Etihad Tower

Emirates Lighting has played a pivotal role in enhancing the ambiance of Etihad Towers by providing sophisticated lighting fittings. Our contributions have been particularly focused on accentuating key areas, with a special emphasis on facade lighting and tower car parking.

Etisalat HQ-Abu Dhabi

Emirates Lighting takes immense pride in its successful endeavour to supply meticulously crafted, custom-made light fittings for the distinguished Etisalat Headquarters offices located in the dynamic city of Abu Dhabi. This accomplishment underscores our position as a trusted partner in illuminating prominent establishments and contributing to their operational efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

Abu Dhabi Mall

Emirates Lighting has proudly delivered a diverse array of lighting fittings to Abu Dhabi Mall, with a particular emphasis on illuminating vital areas that play a pivotal role in shaping the overall atmosphere. Our contributions encompass essential segments including car parking lighting, solar street lights, ceiling lights, restroom illumination, and office areas.

Rayan Mall Alain

Emirates Lighting stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation by providing integral light fittings for Al Rayan Mall, Al Ain. Our focus was meticulously directed towards the essential areas that define the mall's functionality and atmosphere. Notably, we illuminated critical spaces such as the basement, service areas, and kitchen pantry. Additionally, our expertise extended to enhance the aesthetics and practicality of areas including, staircases, offices, corridors, toilets, passages, cove areas, ramp zones, and the landscape. This project underscores our dedication to crafting bespoke lighting solutions that elevate the shopping experience and ensure each corner of the mall radiates with brilliance.

Exotic Car

Emirates Lighting stands as a beacon of accomplishment, having undertaken the comprehensive task of conceptualizing, crafting, and delivering custom-designed light fittings that adorn every aspect of the Exotic Cars Showroom in the vibrant city of Dubai. This project stands as a testament to our expertise in curating immersive lighting experiences that elevate the essence of luxury and sophistication for esteemed clients like the Exotic Cars.

Urban Cars

Emirates Lighting takes immense pride in our exceptional contribution to the Urban Cars Showroom by delivering a meticulously tailored RGB linear light fitting solution. This bespoke lighting solution has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail, aligning seamlessly with the showroom's unique ambiance and design concept. Our dedication to creating an immersive visual experience has resulted in an illumination that transcends mere functionality, transforming the showroom into a captivating space that resonates with sophistication and innovation. This project stands as a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of lighting design and our unwavering pursuit of excellence in every endeavor.

Expo 2020 - Lebanon Pavilion

Amidst the pandemic's challenges, Emirates Lighting stands proudly, having achieved the successful supply of bespoke light fittings for the prestigious EXPO 2020 Lebanon Pavilion. This achievement is a testament to our unwavering commitment and dedication to delivering exceptional lighting solutions.


Emirates Lighting has played a pivotal role in providing its exceptional lighting fixtures across multiple CICPA projects. Notably, our focus has been keenly directed towards illuminating key areas of significance, encompassing electrical rooms, storage spaces, IT areas, bedrooms, toilets, corridors, pantries, offices, and more. Moreover, our contributions extend to external wall lights, parapets, service areas, mosques, area lights, gym areas, and beyond, ensuring that crucial spaces are brilliantly illuminated to enhance functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Emirates Lighting has been actively engaged in numerous CMW projects, standing as a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering robust and high-quality lighting solutions. Our extensive portfolio encompasses a diverse range of critical spaces, including warehouses, service areas, training facilities, offices, and electrical rooms. Our dedication to excellence remains unchanged as we continue to elevate spaces through our uncompromisingly tough and top-tier lighting offerings.

Senior Happiness Centre - Seha (Hydrotherapy Pool Area) Dubai

Emirates Lighting proudly provided light fittings for the Senior Happiness Centre - SEHA in Dubai, particularly for the Hydro Therapy Pool Area. Our attention was strategically directed to key spaces such as the roof, landscape, service area, changing rooms, gym, corridors, waiting areas, stores, telephone rooms, medical waste facilities, and cove zones. Notably, we illuminated the crucial pool area, ensuring a comprehensive lighting solution that enriches both functionality and ambiance. This project exemplifies our commitment to enhancing essential spaces within this distinguished establishment.

Wahet Al Karama

Emirates Lighting takes immense pride in our role in illuminating the landscape area of the prestigious war memorial and monument, Wahet Al Karama, in Abu Dhabi. Through the supply of exceptional light fittings, we have not only enhanced the visual allure but also contributed to the profound significance of this memorial. This accentuates our unwavering dedication to elevating the aesthetic appeal and functional aspects of the pivotal spaces within this esteemed and meaningful project.

Gasco Adnoc

Emirates Lighting proudly supplied essential light fittings for the ADNOC GASCO project, prioritizing critical spaces including offices, control rooms, streets with solar powered lighting, and notably, the vital Zone 1 & Zone 2 areas. This reflects our dedication to enhancing both functionality and aesthetics within industrial and commercial environments.